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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome to my new blog!

I'd love to share a little of my life with you; the music I love to sing, some of my paintings, and a little of what I've learned over the years.

I just recently ran across this:

"And I saw a world superpower develop in a new country made up of people from many nationalities. This superpower influenced other powerful nations throughout the world. Although it did not try to politically rule other countries, it held a position of leadership in every area of world affairs; the other countries were allowed to govern themselves. This country used the name of God freely and irreverently in many of its worldly activities."

As translated by Bob Fraley, this is what Revelations 13:1 would look like if it had been written in contemporary American English. It sounds to me like John the Apostle was referring to the United States ~ thousands of years before it ever existed. What do you think?

Thank you again for dropping by for a visit.
Please come back soon!


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