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Friday, July 6, 2012



An elderly woman decided to prepare her will and told her preacher she had two final requests. First, she wanted to be cremated, and second, she wanted her ashes scattered over Walmart.

Walmart! The preacher exclaimed. Why Walmart?

Then I will be sure my daughter visits me twice a week.

Family Legacy - Part 2


The doctor said this is not a good situation to bring a new baby into. Steve has had a diarrhea that was so severe, he gushed water several times a day. One of our friends said she lost her first son to this very thing, and it is very serious. Then a doctor told me to give him rice cereal and apple juice and Keopectate. I couldn't even afford the Keopectate. I think we did get some somehow, but nothing helped. This had been going on for at least two weeks. (Maybe this is why Cheryl was 3 weeks late arriving.)

I prayed desperately. When Cheryl was born, at home, in my bed, with the cord wrapped around her neck, it was not a good way or place to start life. We didn't have a phone, and Jerry had gone to call the doctor, so when she arrived, I was alone.

When Jerry came, our manager came with him and helped cut the cord and wrap her up. We were then taken to Peninsula Hospital in San Mateo and put in isolation. We were considered contaminated. I guess we really were. There was nothing antiseptic about this birth. When she was born, Steve's diarrhea suddenly stopped and he never had that again. Praise to the Lord who loves us.


We went to Arcata to have Jerry’s parents, who were pastors of the Arcata Foursquare Church, dedicate Cheryl to the Lord. We had moved from the cold, foggy northland to the San Francisco Bay Area about one and one half years earlier. We stayed with Jerry’s sister. The house was very cold, so I put 5 week old Cheryl in bed with me to keep her warm. She still got a terrible cold. She got sick but we didn't have any money to go to a doctor. Jerry's work didn't provide medical at that time.

When we came back home, the following week-end, Cheryl went to Frieda & Bill's, as she usually did. When they brought her to church on Sunday, Frieda said she thought Cheryl had pneumonia. She had to hold her all night. Everyone at church agreed. I didn't know what we could do, since we didn't have money to go to the doctor.

We took her home from church. In the afternoon, as I held her, I said, "Lord, You know we can't go to the doctor. Please heal her." She then threw up all over me, the bed and the floor. That was the end of all the symptoms. She was completely healed instantly. Satan meant to take this life at the start, but God had other plans.

How many other times has He spared them?


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