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Monday, August 6, 2012



I recently bought a bag of candy at the dollar store. It said, made in Taiwan. The warning read:

Caution. For choking safety DO NOT EAT CHILDREN UNDER 3.

Family Legacy - Part 3


The hospital wouldn't say they were sure if it was polio, but it was like polio.

We were attending LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles (Foursquare, at Angelus Temple). We hadn't been there long when Steve got a fever of 105 degrees. We took him to Children's Hospital. He was three years old, I believe. They wrapped him in cold sheets to get the temperature down. He couldn't stand up. His body was limp.

I got on the phone and called Pat, a Christian friend, and asked her to call people to pray.

When they later took the spinal fluid for the Polio test, it came back negative, and his temperature had gone down, so they let us take him home.

Satan also meant to take this life early, but God had other plans. That is twice, so far, that Steve has been saved by God's answer to prayer. How many of you would not be here without God's intervention in Steve's life.


For some reason, Steve was really a target.

While we were in Dr. Hall's class at LIFE Bible College, we sometimes had to take Steve and Cheryl to school with us. One of those days, we didn't notice that Steve, who was still three years old, had wandered to the back of the third floor auditorium. He was a born climber.

Dr. Hall calmly said, "Don't anyone move. There is a little boy standing on the narrow ledge of the window, outside." Everyone in the class began to pray.

Steve had climbed out the window, and wandered a few feet along the third story ledge, out of reach from the open window.

Jerry and two or three others quickly moved to the window and coaxed him back to where they could lift him down. He could so easily have been blown and lost his balance.

God still has plans for Steve.


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